alcohol treatment in westlake village

Whether you receive drug and alcohol treatment in Westlake Village or at our other facility, we can put together a customized treatment plan for your specific needs. There’s no “one size fits all” or “cookie-cutter” paradigm here. Instead, we tailor your treatment to what will work best for you. From the moment you arrive at our facility, our professionals will get to work developing a plan that’s right for you. We have many different kinds of services and treatments that could be included in your treatment.

Individual Therapy

Many of us, over time, feel like we’re lost. Or alternatively, that we’re so confused, we can’t make sense of what we really want in life. Feeling “stuck” sometimes is something that happens to everyone, but feeling “stuck” all of the time isn’t. Our individual therapy has a proven track record of helping people to change how they see the world. Incorrect patterns, reinforced over time, can develop maladaptive ways of dealing with one’s feelings and life. Intensive individualized therapy can help you to find better, more positive ways to deal with your feelings.

alcohol treatment in westlake village

Group Therapy

While many of our clients react well to individual therapy, some get more out of group therapy. What makes group therapy so helpful are the opportunities to manage and develop effective interpersonal behavior. For so many, their ways of interacting with other people are a major part of why they’re seeking treatment in the first place. So, a therapy treatment that organically includes interacting with others can be a major opportunity for growth. For the most part, our clients go through individual and group therapy, as that combination has proven to be quite effective for successful treatment.

Additional Forms of Therapy

Family is one of the most important factors in almost everyone’s life. Our family therapy can incorporate your family into your treatment, should you and they be willing. The mental illness and addictions that our clients suffer affect them, yes, but their family members are affected, too. This type of therapy can help family members to understand and ultimately to figure out exactly what their role is in the patient’s illness. That can be beneficial in a number of ways, not the least of which is showing family members how they can help their loved ones to heal and grow. That can be a significant factor in lasting sobriety.

Beyond Alcohol Treatment in Westlake Village

Once the client has moved to their outpatient services, we can help them to re-integrate into their lives in a variety of ways. Here, our treatments address the specific life needs of all of our clients. That means that they can grow through services such as yoga, art therapy, neurofeedback, and meditation groups. We can also provide services that can make reintegration into life smoother, such as legal, career and personality assessments, too. To take that all-important first step, you can get started with PCI by messaging us through our site or calling (747) 222-7464.