Welcome to the Performance section of the PCI Westlake Centers online experience.


Every business needs to have a way to assess for performance. In the world of treatment centers and therapy, however, performance is usually based upon client satisfaction and reduction of symptoms. In this section you will find two types of outcomes confirming that our clients and their families develop a lifestyle of wellness.

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First, our Results tab will have data from our “outcomes” study. This data showcases  how our clients have changed. Our staff perform statistical analyses on clients’ scores on well-validated measures of psychological problems like Depression, Anxiety, Mania, Anger, Sleep issues, and others). Moreover, we monitor our clients’ symptoms on a weekly basis using the latest in outcome monitoring. This allows the clinical team to have the most comprehensive view of the client.

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Second, feel free to read our What our Clients are Saying page. This is home to testimonials of past clients obtained in accordance with the Ethics Code disseminated by the American Psychological Association. We want you to hear from the source just exactly the kind of experience clients have had during their treatment stay.

Doing the Job Right

We at PCI Westlake Centers pride ourselves on “doing the job right.” Because we are mostly psychologists, we focus on using research to inform our treatment. Because we are institute, we train future psychologists and conduct research using our clients’ data. We want to contribute by sharing our outcomes data, and help all of our partners (our friends and our competitors) do treatment better.


Want to become involved in a research project with us? Feel free to contact us at anytime. We love to collaborate, because treatment is a community wide sport. We will help more people if we collaborate, and that’s our goal.