Intensive Outpatient (IOP) / Outpatient (OP)

Intensive Outpatient Program

For your convenience we offer multiple tracks at 2 locations to help people reintegrate into their lives as treatment progresses. Our goal is to help you return to a fully functioning lifestyle, and part of that process is slowly re-integrating “regular” life activities, which may require scheduling changes. We have created a flexible IOP model based upon your family and work scheduling needs. Our mental health IOP and primary substance dependence IOP are located at our Westlake Village location, and our Malibu location offers a more “boutique” and focused approach for people who may not need the intensity of a full IOP schedule, but more in-depth services than weekly outpatient treatment.

Individual Therapy

Most people coming into treatment often find themselves feeling lost, confused, or “stuck” in their current circumstances. For most people, intensive individual therapy can be very helpful to develop self-understanding, explore how maladaptive patterns of seeing the world were created, and develop healthier ways of managing feelings.

Group Therapy

Many people who come into treatment will be involved in group therapy. Individual therapy is very effective for developing self-understanding and learning new ways of managing feelings. The ways we interact with people are often part of the reason we come to treatment, and group therapy can be the more ideal, challenging, and growth-enhancing setting for learning about how to manage our interpersonal behavior more effectively.

Family Therapy

It’s often the case that family needs to be involved in a person’s treatment. Issues like addiction and mental illness often affect not just the identified patient, but the entire family system. Allowing the family to understand their role in the identified patient’s illness and how they can be more effective in helping them heal and grow is crucial for lasting change.


Neurofeedback is a newer tool in our toolbox for helping people learn how to manage feelings and develop awareness of one’s own internal process. Through the use of EEG technology and a skilled clinician, people can develop a deeper level of body-mind integration to enhance their affect regulation skills.

Mindful Exercise

One reason for most people to seek out treatment is that they struggle to manage their emotions. There are a variety of tools for managing feelings; however, one of the newer and more effective tools is mindfulness and mindful exercise. Our ability to be present, focused, and in-tune with our mind-body process is correlated strongly to our ability to regulate our emotions according to recent neuroscience research.

In addition to group and individual therapy as part of IOP treatment, we tailor our approach to address the specific needs of each client. Services such as neurofeedback, yoga, mediation groups, art therapy, career counseling, and psychiatry services are introduced into treatment as necessary. We also conduct career, personality, legal, and immigration assessments when requested.