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Intensive Outpatient

At PCI, our certified mental health experts create individualized recovery programs for you based on where you are in your recovery process.

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Intensive Outpatient Program in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks

The goal of our IOP is to allow you to get the help you need while still remaining integrated in your personal and professional life. PCI offers multiple programs throughout the day focused on mental health, addiction, or both. Individual, group, and family sessions can be scheduled morning, afternoon, or evening depending on your schedule. We also offer treatment both in person and online.

PCI’s holistic and individualized approach is designed to meet clients where they are at, and build agency and empowerment along their treatment journey. Our dedicated and compassionate clinical team also approaches each client’s treatment plan with consideration of their unique identities, family history, and cultural background that we believe are important for long-term stability and well-being.

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What you can expect from PCI’s Intensive Outpatient Program


Intensive Outpatient Treatment Outcomes

  • Wide variety of treatment modalities aimed at addressing maladaptive thinking patterns, bolstering one’s insight into thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, building distress tolerance and emotional regulation skills
  • Psychoeducation to understand how mental health and substance use affects the brain and behavior.
  • Comprehensive psychological and medical evaluations to identify and treat root causes of disorders
  • Coping skills that encourage behavioral changes as part of a new lifestyle supporting wellness
  • Assistance with psychosocial problems, such as unemployment, financial issues, unhealthy relationships, or family distress


PCI’s Programs and Treatment Schedule:

The length of treatment and weekly schedules varies from patient to patient, based on their needs and goals. Typically, patients receive treatment for 3 hours per day, 3 days per week, extending approximately 90 days. PCI offers mental health, substance use, and dual-diagnosis primary programs throughout the week:

Mornings :

  • Mental Health Primary Program
  • Dual-diagnosis Program

Afternoons :

  • Substance Use Primary Program
  • Dual-diagnosis Program

Evenings :

  • Dual-diagnosis Program


How to Find out if IOP is Right for You

IOP is typically best suited for individuals who:

  • Have been recently discharged from a residential or detoxification treatment program and are transitioning back into their everyday routines
  • Are currently seeing an individual therapist or psychiatrist but are still struggling to maintain emotional stability or sobriety

PCI also offers our services at a standard outpatient level for patients who require a less intensive approach In addition to the IOP treatment model, we offer a unique outpatient treatment approach to both IOP clients “stepping down” from the more intensive program, and the general public seeking therapy. The outpatient services we provide address the specific needs of each client.

To find out how much treatment would cost for you, please visit our FAQs and contact our office. We are in-network with Anthem and Healthnet, but work with many other insurance companies as well. PCI has a strong patient advocacy team dedicated to working with insurance networks to ensure patients can get the care that they need.

A care coordinator can speak with you today to assess what level of care is right for you.
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Services Included in our Intensive Outpatient Program

Individual Therapy

Most people coming into treatment feel lost, confused, or “stuck.” Intensive individual therapy can be very helpful to develop self-understanding. Good therapy helps people explore how faulty patterns of seeing the world were created and reinforced. Finally, good science and a caring therapist can help people develop more adaptive ways of managing feelings.

Group Therapy

People who come into treatment, and, also, many in the community, could benefit from group therapy. Individual therapy alone is effective, but not good enough. The ways we interact with people are often part of the reason we seek treatment. Group therapy, however, is often more ideal and growth-enhancing for learning about how to manage our interpersonal behavior effectively. Typically, or often, a unique combination of group and individual therapy is key for treatment success.

Family Therapy

If it’s possible, and you are willing, we involve family in your treatment. Issues like addiction and mental illness often affect not just the identified patient, but the entire family system. The family needs to understand their role in the identified patient’s illness, and how they can be more effective in helping them heal and grow is crucial for lasting change.

Comprehensive Medical Care

We are committed to incorporating you directly into an individualized medical care plan to help you enjoy the fruits of a life in recovery. We believe that full recovery from addiction offers a life that is more rich and fulfilling than achieving sobriety alone. As a result of our personalized and empowering care delivery model, our patients are happier, healthier, and live more fulfilling lives. We look forward to starting this journey to recovery with you!

Medication Assisted Treatment

To provide a truly comprehensive medical care experience, we believe in putting YOU at the center of the care journey. For too long, managing addiction has been described as being designed in a factory-like setting, focusing on the needs of the program and not the needs of the patient. It is the type of feedback we have heard all too often from our patients, described as a uniform, one-size-fits-all approach, which can feel distant and impersonal.

Vocational Career Counseling

Our goal is to help you return to a fully functioning lifestyle, and part of that process is slowly re-integrating “regular” life activities, like work. We have created a flexible, but also well-structured, IOP model that includes career counseling to get you back on track. Many of the young adults we serve struggle with job interviews, creating resumes, and similar job search activities. We also offer specialized Career Counseling services on an outpatient basis for people feeling “stuck” in their jobs or careers.

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