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A pandemic does not stop us from caring for you. PCI provides telehealth mental care services to you from the comfort of your home.

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Telehealth / Teletherapy

PCI offers one of the leading, most diverse, and clinically sound networks of telemedicine services in Southern California. Our team is highly prepared to deliver therapeutic interventions precisely tailored to meet your needs via telehealth. As one of the earliest adopters of telehealth, PCI knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. With time and experience comes progress toward perfection.


Why Telehealth?

The virtual program we employ at PCI harnesses a technological toolkit grounded in empirical data to provide you with an unprecedented degree of personalization. These digital tools allow us to strategically adapt on an ongoing basis to your preferences and needs, as you develop and grow as an individual. Through the knowledge and experience of our team, we have created a harmonious dynamic of technology, science, versatility, and personalization that culminates in the most innovative and effective treatment possible.

PCI offers telehealth therapy for all of the conditions we treat. Not only does our virtual treatment embody a host of advantages, including privacy, convenience, time and cost- effectiveness, reliability, and dependability, but our telehealth care is routinely covered by insurance.



Telehealth is the treatment of today, for the you of tomorrow.

The scope of indication for whom telehealth could be beneficial is remarkably wide. While once a solution targeted for rural populations and the elderly, remote care via telehealth practices, such as videoconference, is of widespread value in today & busy world. Whether it is family, work, children, or any other responsibility of importance, your time is more precious than ever. Your care and optimal well-being do not have to be mutually exclusive with the things in life you value most. Telehealth provides the solution.



Large amounts of robust clinical data support the effectiveness of
telemedicine. Not only does it work, but in some instances, it is more effective
than standard care. While this is undoubtedly the result of countless factors,
some of the most profound benefits responsible for the success of
telemedicine are that it:

  • Promotes sustained and durable participation in the therapeutic process
  • Allows for better assessment by practitioners because they obtain a more representative insight into your natural (home) environment
  • Integrates family connections into your care. Even if the family member lives distantly, telemedicine can loop your family member in on the virtual visit if you authorize it.
  • Improves patient engagement and adherence with remote monitoring
  • Provides care and support groups at your fingertips, whenever you need it
  • Enhances reliability and dependability on both ends of care
  • Creates more comfort and less stress


Is Addiction Treatment Delivered by Telehealth Effective?

Telemedicine, specifically for addiction treatment and recovery, has yielded exceptional outcomes in our practice, and the scientific literature mirrors that success. Across multiple studies, virtual substance abuse treatment has produced results to standard interventions in endpoints such as abstinence from opioids and cocaine, patient satisfaction, and reduced alcohol consumption (3,4,5). In a recently published systematic review, the authors assessed the effectiveness of delivering SUD treatment via video conference. They discovered a trend – that telemedicine consistently produced more durable and more consistent treatment retention than when participants traveled to their appointments (2).

PCI employs digital tools to support recovery in its truest form. Telemedicine methods of interest in addiction treatment are our second nature. The number of telemedicine visits for substance use disorder is climbing rapidly across the country, and PCI is no exception. Join the many who have taken the necessary first step toward recovery.

We Can Help!

The notion that your care is inaccessible or that your best self is unattainable is thankfully now only an illusion. Privacy concerns are no longer necessary. Top-tier, cutting-edge substance abuse disorder and psychological treatments are available online, at your fingertips, securely and without hassle. Irrespective of the roadblock between you and the treatment you deserve, our telehealth services will clear the path to your health.

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