a westlake drug rehab

For many, the next step after detoxification is to move into a residential treatment center. There, trained professionals will create an individualized treatment plan for you and you alone. Everything about this treatment plan is customized and specific to you and your needs. Additionally, the goals of this treatment plan are to not just help you at a Westlake drug rehab, but to help you once you leave, too. By building a foundation here, you’ll be ready to live how you want once you step outside of our doors. 

Therapy at a Westlake Drug Rehab 

As stated, every treatment plan is made for each patient individually. However, they often do have some facets in common. For example, therapy forms the backbone of many treatment plans. With that being said, we have several different methods of therapy available. For many of our patients, individual therapy is the best option. One on one, they can develop a rapport that allows for safe, thoughtful, and ultimately helpful discussion. Our trained therapists have helped many to discover the underlying issues causing their symptoms, and ultimately, to overcome them. 

a Westlake Drug Rehab

Multiple Forms of Therapy 

While individual therapy may be the most popular kind of therapy, it’s far from the only one that we offer. Additionally, we have group sessions using multiple evidence-based interventions. For many of our patients, they’ll have a balance of group and individual therapy. Group therapy sessions have many benefits, not the least of which is being around peers who “get” you. Interacting with others who are going through the same struggles that you are can be invaluable. So often, we’ve had patients who assisted a residential facility and bonded with someone who is further along in the program than they are. Then, when that more experienced person leaves, then the newer patient, who by now has been at our facility for a period of time, is able to then bond with someone else who’s just arrived. 


At PCI Centers, our different forms of therapy put you around people who can help. However, we also understand that there can be tremendous healing and reflection from being alone. That’s why our Malibu facility that overlooks the ocean offers the tranquil atmosphere fit for inward meditation. There, you can look back on where you have been on your journey, and look forward to what’s ahead. 

The Continuation of the Journey 

Once we’ve put together our individualized treatment plan for you, it’s not set in stone. Throughout your stay, we’ll check back on it, updating it if necessary. By reassessing your needs, we ensure that your treatment plan changes as you do. Ultimately, we can help you to not just discover healing conceptions such as boundaries, limits, self-care, acceptance, accountability and even letting go, but to internalize them as well, so that they come naturally to you. This journey can start today, if you’d like. To begin the process, message us through our site or call (747) 222-7464