adaptive coping mechanisms

How to Strengthen Your Adaptive Coping Mechanisms

Bad things happen to us every day. Maybe there’s an accident ahead of you on the highway that makes you late for work. Perhaps you come home to find that your kids have broken something valuable. Maybe a partner has broken up with you, or some other negative thing has happened. When these bad things happen to us, it can make us feel stressed. We all have to deal with stress, but how we deal with it is what’s important. There are ways to deal with stress that actually make us more stressed out. At PCI Centers, we can help you develop adaptive coping mechanisms

Adaptive Coping Mechanisms: Maladaptive Coping 

An easy to define what this is to think about the obviously bad ways to deal with stress, such as shouting at loved ones, drinking too much, abusing illegal drugs, and so forth. Sure, those actions may cause you to not feel the stress for a moment, but you’re eventually going to feel even more stressed than before. Many of the people struggling with addiction who come to us at PCI Centers started using, in part, as a way to deal with stress, until things got out of control. 

Underlying Traumas 

It’s important to note that even though many people begin abusing alcohol and drugs to deal with stress, that’s not always the main reason behind their addiction. For many of the people we treat, they have some kind of underlying trauma fueling their addiction without adaptive coping mechanisms to manage. Their way to deal with that (and the resultant stressors) is to abuse alcohol and drugs. What can make this especially pernicious is that they might not even be aware that they have these underlying traumas in the first place. 

adaptive coping mechanisms

Professionals to Help with Adaptive Coping Mechanisms 

When you come here, we can help you to develop healthier, or more adaptive coping mechanisms. Even when you’re living a sober, healthy life, you’re going to have to deal with stress a lot. That’s just a part of life. But when you come to PCI Centers, we can assist you in developing the kinds of coping mechanisms that can lessen and reduce your stress, and not result in further negative consequences like maladaptive coping skills. Instead of making things worse in the long run, you can opt for the kinds of coping mechanisms that can lead you to feel all the more positive and upbeat for whatever comes next. 

An Assessment, and then a Plan 

When someone comes to PCI Centers, whether they are dealing with addiction or some other kind of issue, our trained staff gives them a thorough evaluation. From there, we put together a treatment plan that perfectly fits their specific needs. By that same token, we can help you in developing the sort of coping mechanisms that are just right for your situation. Instead of giving you some kind of cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all mechanism, we can work with you in order to build the skillsthat are going to be the most relevant to your life. To learn more about how to develop these skills, or to schedule an assessment, call us at (747) 222-7464.