rehabs in ventura county

You can have everything in the world: money, success and more, but it can all feel for naught if you don’t have healthy relationships. Think of how many people you’ve seen who seem outwardly prosperous and yet they suffer from addiction, anxiety, trauma and other disorders. That’s why the philosophy we’ve built our rehabs in Ventura County on is “relationship-driven treatment.” By building healthy relationships with our clients, we can apply proven scientific principles to their treatment. This can enable them to lead happy, healthy and sober lives once they leave our facilities.

Restoration and Renovation

When people, whether on their own behalf or that of a loved one, ask us what our treatment is like, we often say something like: “it’s similar to rebuilding a house after it’s been damaged.” You’ve seen home renovation projects before: maybe there was a fire, or some other kind of disaster, or perhaps the home was simply just left to rot. Obviously, no one would want to try and fix it by just going in there and “winging it,” making up the renovation as they go along. The only way to rebuild and restore a home is with a plan. Optimally, it would be a plan designed by trained experts, drawn upon years of experience using proven methods. That’s what our plans are at the PCI Centers.

rehabs in ventura county

Individualized Treatment

To continue the analogy of comparing home restoration to recovery, you know that not every blueprint for rebuilding a home is the same. Homes are all different. Sure, some may share similar characteristics, but each home has something that makes it unique. Each has different challenges as well as opportunities. Again, the same goes for recovery. Our staff will put together a plan that’s exactly right for you or your loved one. There’s no “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” treatment here. Instead, we make sure that our plan is uniquely suited to a person’s specific needs. That way, they can not only go on to live a sober life, but they can also do so much faster.

Experience and Innovation

When we say “proven methods,” that means what’s worked in the past. However, that doesn’t mean we’re tied to only methods and techniques that have worked before. In fact, we’re always engaged in research, trying to find even more effective (and cost-saving) treatments for our clients. Many of our clients initially heard of us through one of the many seminars and conferences that our staff speaks at. As a science-driven institute, we understand the flexibility of science, and how it adapts to new experiments and information. We can pass that along to our clients as well.

Our Rehabs in Ventura County  

A better life really can be a phone call away. If you or someone you love has been struggling with anxiety, trauma, addiction, depression, relationship problems, bipolar disorder or similar concerns, we can help. You can contact us at (747) 222-7464 and we can sit down with you to figure out how we can help.