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Through proven, research-based, methods the supportive and dedicated professionals at PCI Westlake Centers provide comprehensive psychological treatment to both individuals and families. We utilize a model of treatment that focuses on the wellness of both the mind and the body. We provide an environment of safety and comfort for successful personal growth.

Our Mission

The Psychological Care Institute promotes holistic health and wellness through the integration of contemporary theory, sound clinical practice, and ongoing research. We provide an environment of safety and comfort for both individuals and families to improve their emotional wellbeing, overcome addiction, and build satisfying relationships, and lead more healthy and productive lives.

Making Our Mission A Reality

Helping people develop a lifestyle of wellness and recovery is similar to rebuilding a house after it’s damaged. If you want to rebuild a building you need a blueprint. We construct our individualized treatment plans just like a blueprint, very carefully and very thoughtfully. Our treatment plans take into account your development, present stressors, family dynamics, medical needs, and emotional challenges. We also thoroughly screen for use of drugs, sex, shopping, pornography, and other potentially addictive behaviors. Read More
Advocacy is a core component of the PCI mission. In order to help the most people suffering from addiction and mental illnesses, and serve the broader community, we rely on a unique advocacy approach. Read More

We are actively engaged in research projects. We use data from our treatment outcomes to prove just how effective and cost saving our model of treatment has been for our clients. PCI staff share data and outcomes regularly at professional meetings, seminars, and conferences because we believe in transparency. We are confident in our relationship-driven and science-driven model. We do, however, look for areas for growth as a science-driven institute, because science is flexible and open to change based upon data.

Another way we advocate for a healthier community is through spreading science using the world’s most popular platforms. PCI maintains a Facebook and Twitter account solely for the purposes of sharing the most up-to-date research. We believe, indeed, knowing about the science of how the brain works, studies proving which therapy techniques are effective, and new innovations in medicine helps us all do treatment better. From experience, however, we know that a misinformed public, or, sadly, uniformed professionals means people do not receive the care they deserve.

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