Detox Treatment

Detox Treatment

detox treatment


Following addiction treatment, the first step on the road to recovery will be detox treatment. The process entails removing the addictive substances from the patient’s body, stabilizing their system, and dealing with the more difficult effects of drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Such a process consists of the following three stages:


Detox treatment begins by evaluating the patient in order to determine the subsequent plan of action. In this first step of the process, we test the patient to see exactly what substances and how much of each is still present in their system. By doing so, our team can develop a specific plan to tackle the problem, address the side effects of the substances in question, and ascertain the current health status of the patient. 


Once the treating physicians understand what they are dealing with, their focus becomes addressing the effects of withdrawal. They will have to determine whether the best course of action is to cut off intake immediately or gradually, carefully alleviating the consequences of withdrawal, guiding the patient through them, and treating them the way they conclude is most appropriate for the case in question. All the while through this stage, the treating team manages the patient’s expectations, ensuring that they retain a positive yet realistic idea of the outcome.

Transition Into Treatment

The last stage of the detoxification process consists of preparing the patient for the next few steps on the way to recovery. The detoxification process addresses the physiological consequences of addiction. Meanwhile, the psychological side of dependency will be treated by a rehabilitation program. The treating team makes sure that the patient understands what this will consist of and that they ultimately agree to continue the recovery process.

PCI Puts You First

Addiction can be quite a damaging force in a person’s life, and we at PCI want to alleviate some of the harsher aspects of the recovery journey. By providing a comfortable environment for the patient to go through this transformative process, we aim at encouraging disposition and a positive outlook. The Psychological Care Institute wants to help you and your loved ones build healthier relationships and a productive lifestyle.