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Our Story / Founding PCI

dr hamideh

I would like to let you know how the center began and my own personal journey into educational and clinical work in order to help you understand the vision behind PCI. I have been working as a psychologist since 1990. My journey started in Brazil and Argentina. I moved to the United States in 1995. From the moment I arrived, I worked for the Ventura and Santa Barbara County Mental Health Division. I became a licensed psychologist in California in 2001.

After many years of working in different clinical settings, teaching, and doing research, I realized the need to create a space to apply a better treatment philosophy to best serve patients and their families suffering from mental health and addiction disorders. Welcome to the Psychological Care Institute (PCI) website!

In February of 2015, I created and incorporated the Psychological Care Institute with a clear mission: to provide comprehensive psychological treatment to our patients and their families using a model that focuses on the wellness of both the mind and the body in an environment of safety and comfort for successful personal growth. PCI integrates proven and research-based methods delivered by supportive and highly-trained professionals.

I cannot express how gratifying it has been for me to be sowing the seeds of wellness in our community through the years. I hope that this letter helps you understand more about me and the Psychological Care Institute.

For Your Integrative Health and Wellness,
Miriam Hamideh, PhD
Executive and Clinical Director
Psychological Care Institute