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At PCI we have designed a treatment program dedicated solely to healthcare professionals in need of substance abuse or mental health treatment

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Addiction Treatment Program for Healthcare Professionals

At PCI, we believe that now is the time to help those who have dedicated their careers to helping all of us. We have developed a unique addiction treatment program solely for physicians and other healthcare professionals who are struggling with substance abuse or have been diagnosed with an addiction (substance use disorder) to receive the help they need and deserve.
We offer a comprehensive and integrative clinical model for managing addiction developed specifically for physicians and healthcare professionals, combining an evidence-based methodology with an individualized and compassionate approach to ensure high quality care.
We acknowledge that effective addiction treatment requires a coordinated team-based approach that addresses medical, psychological, and social needs in a seamless and coordinated manner to meet the needs of our patients.

A Double Board-Certified Physician Spearheads the PCI Centers Team

Our team of experts collaborates to provide a high standard of evidence-based best practices, ensuring that all patients receive the most up-to-date and well-researched approaches to managing their conditions. Based on the specific needs of the patients we serve, we incorporate various therapeutic modalities into individual and group therapy formats.

We have a multidisciplinary treatment team led by a physician who is double board-certified in Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine, as well as licensed doctorate level clinical psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and vocational therapists.

Furthermore, our medical model goes far beyond the traditional expectation of detoxification to include medication and non-medication approaches for managing withdrawal, cravings, relapse prevention, and other strategies to increase the likelihood of patients completing their individualized treatment goals.
Our medical director oversees the comprehensive medical management of all patients’ substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions. Our expert team works closely together to ensure all providers are in alignment to provide a seamless, patient-centered experience.

Personalized Treatment Program for Healthcare Professionals Needs

Our approach focuses on both underlying root causes and practical, attainable goals to help patients recover. We provide a hybrid virtual and in-person treatment program that is designed to be convenient, supportive, and personalized for the patients we serve.
At PCI we take pride in providing highly personalized patient care with the utmost respect for privacy, confidentiality, and individual empowerment. We are deeply committed to healthcare professionals’ health and well-being and look forward to accompanying you on this journey of rediscovering hope, rebuilding your health, and living a meaningful life.
We are humbled to provide you with a non-judgmental and restorative environment to allow for a period of personal reflection and recharge, facilitated by a network of professional and peer support, and an unwavering dedicated commitment to your success and wellbeing.
We look forward to meeting you and supporting your journey to long-term recovery.

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