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 pci transitional malibu westlakeWellness stems not just from correcting old behaviors, but from creating new and healthy lifestyle changes. Quality sober livings provide a community that encourages exploration and experiential learning with an impassioned and experienced staff on hand to guide clients toward a new world of freedom, independence and possibilities. This is the ideal environment to maintain your sobriety and encourage you to embrace opportunities during your stay.

For the best quality of care, accepting a small number of residents at a time allows staff to provide individual attention through addiction therapy counseling, activities, and case management, which lends itself to a strong sense of community, often sparking lasting friendships that provide support long after life at sober living is over. Recovery center residents can find serenity in amenities like beautiful gardens, infrared saunas, or saltwater pools and spas. Many sober livings encourage residents to join in on activities such as yoga, Pilates, surfing and paddle boarding. Recognizing the importance of animal companionship, some are even pet friendly.

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Having knowledgeable staff members with years of experience and certification in the field of addiction treatment and recovery provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with the local sober community. These staff members can also recommend meetings that are best suited for each client, understanding that every person’s substance abuse treatment plan is highly individual. Another key element is having staff available 24/7 to provide transportation to and from 12-step meetings, IOPs and for general errands. Quality sober living is designed to support your sobriety by creating a safe environment for you to explore a new sober lifestyle, allowing for lasting success.

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