alcohol treatment in LA

The image of someone that’s struggling with an addiction to alcohol often seems to be someone that is, well, struggling. We tend to think of them in dirty clothes, unable to move out of bed, drinking only very early in the morning, not holding down their job, and so forth. Yes, there are many people who struggle with alcohol that may match some of those characteristics. However, there are also many people who are considered “high functioning alcoholics” who still need alcohol treatment in LA or the surrounding area, but their circumstances are different. 

Alcohol Treatment in LA: “Heavy Drinking” 

There are different definitions of what constitutes “heavy drinking.” Obviously, drinking to excess once every now and then is not a sign necessarily that a person has a problem. In general terms, “heavy binge drinking” is three drinks a day for women and four for men. That doesn’t mean that someone has to hit that number to have a problem, of course. Even if you or someone you know is drinking less than that, they might still have a problem with alcohol. If they are drinking in excess of that number, then they probably could greatly benefit from getting help. 

“Putting on a Good Front” 

That’s what many high functioning alcoholics are able to do. You may have read that other signs that a person is dealing with alcohol addiction is that they can’t keep up with their responsibilities at work, school, or even at home. However, they might be able to do so for some time. They could be able to make it seem as if they’re doing everything that they’re supposed to, depending on just how high functioning they are. High functioning alcoholics can give the impression that they’re in control even when they are not. 

alcohol treatment in LA

Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism for Everything 

At PCI Centers, one of our chief goals for providing alcohol treatment in LA is to help people develop adaptive coping mechanisms. Drinking alcohol is the opposite, it’s a maladaptive coping mechanism. When an alcoholic is feeling stress, they drink as a means to cope. The problem is that this eventually leads to more stress. Alcoholics (of the high functioning variety and others) often end up drinking, not just to deal with stress, but also to calm down, to go to sleep, to wake up, to get energy to face the day, and so forth. If someone consumes alcohol as their approach to a whole host of stressors, then they might have a problem. 

Help for Those Struggling with an Addiction to Alcohol 

At PCI Centers, we’ve helped many different kinds of people overcome their addictions and ultimately lead healthy, sober lives. With our Intensive Outpatient Services and more, our trained staff can put together a customized treatment plan just for you or someone that you care about. With many different kinds of therapeutic modalities and treatments available, there’s a combination in place to address your specific issues. To schedule a consultation or speak to a professional, call us at (747) 222-7464.