addiction disorder treatment

At PCI Centers, we are mostly known for our addiction disorder treatment. We have helped many to discover and eventually overcome the underlying traumas and other issues that have made them more vulnerable to addictions. That’s often the focus of our Intensive Outpatient Program. However, we also offer other treatments for those in our Outpatient Services, as well as the general public seeking therapy. You don’t have to be suffering from addiction in order to come to PCI Centers for therapy services. 

Addiction Disorder Treatment: Always Helpful Therapy 

If you go to our site, you’ll notice that we’ve listed “Individual Therapy” and “Group Therapy” under the heading “Always Helpful.” Our individual therapy can offer both a short-term and a depth-oriented approach to trauma, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and other concerns. Group therapy helps in a different way: through learning how to be vulnerable in front of a group. In these groups, your peers are often dealing with similar concerns to you, which allows all of the participants to learn from each other as they all go through the process together. All of our therapy programs are designed to eventually help create a lifestyle of wellness. 

Family Therapy for Mental Health 

In addition to individual therapy and group therapy, we also offer family therapy.. There might be a bit of a misconception that family therapy is only for those who have gone through addiction. However, we’ve found that it can help with mental health issues as well. Through this treatment, clients and their families can understand what contributed to mental health issues, as well as addiction. You’ll notice that we said “contributed to” and not “caused” – that’s because there’s no one set cause for these kinds of things.. Social issues, family dynamics, and neurobiological factors all play a significant role. 

addiction disorder treatment

Couples Therapy for All Kinds of Couples 

For many of the couples that go into our couples therapy, one of them is struggling with addiction. However, we have many couples who are just looking for a better way to manage their relationships. Whether you are dealing with building (or re-building) trust, the aftermath of an affair, how to better manage conflict, sex/intimacy issues, getting ready for marriage, getting ready for divorce,parenting issues, or just looking for a way to improve your communication, we can assist with all of these and more. We’re always glad to talk to couples and provide an assessment for how we can best help. 

Comprehensive Testing for the right Addiction Disorder Treatment and More 

Here at PCI, our staff is comprised mostly of psychologists. As we have an experienced team of psychologists on staff, they can perform complete assessments and tests on anyone who comes through here. Obviously, when someone is struggling with addiction, and they need to detox and get help, we provide a full assessment so that they can get an individualized plan for their needs. In addition to that, however, we can do the same for those who are looking for a better way to deal with mental health issues, their partner, and so much more. For more info about an assessment, call us at (747) 222-7464.