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Quality sober living doesn’t just mean abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It means living a healthy, enjoyable life. If your entire life is focused around not doing something, it can make for a life that’s lacking. That’s why at our facility, we promote wellness. Wellness isn’t just about fixing what’s gone wrong in the past, doing better for the future. Instead, wellness is about developing a life that you’re going to want to live even when you leave our facility.

Wellness at PCI Centers

When most people come to our facility, they’re leading deeply unhealthy lives. So, we help them to create new, healthier habits. These lifestyle changes not only make them feel better in the moment, but they can also serve a foundation for a great life after PCI. So, when you’re here, we do everything we can to help you learn and explore what a new, healthy life could be like. Throughout the treatment process, new opportunities will arise as you grow and heal. We’ll be by your side every step of the way to encourage you to pursue them and make them fit your life.

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PCI Staff: Here for You

Every addiction is different, so the addiction treatment has to be different, too. That’s why when you come to PCI; our experienced staff can help put together a plan that fits your needs. Drawing upon our years of experience, we can make sure your treatment fits you. On top of that, we can do the same once you leave our facility as well. Even once you’ve left PCI, we can recommend the meetings the environments that are right for you. Beyond that, we’re always available to get you to and from any 12-step meeting, IOP or even any errands you might need to be done. Just because you aren’t in our PCI Centers anymore, you’re always part of our community. We want you to succeed in your life, and this is one more way that we can help to make that possible.

Quality Sober Living Community

Sober living should include “quality living,” which is why we make sure that you’re surrounded by incredible amenities on all sides. Gardens, pools, spas, and saunas – you can literally wash your worries away at our facility, experiencing a new level of calmness and serenity. Moreover, you can do that surrounded by a supportive community.  Only a small number of residents are in our facility at any given time. That means that you can form intensive relationships with them as well as with the staff. That means that you’ll be by each other’s side through addiction counseling, case management, and even in fun, healthy activities like surfing, yoga, Pilates and more. When you have an addiction, you can miss so much of life. At PCI, we can help you to explore and build the skills and relationships that can help you to get everything you want out of life once you leave here. To schedule a consultation, call us at (747) 222-7464.