intensive outpatient treatment in westlake village

Mindful Exercise at our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Westlake Village

If you go to the page on our site that covers our Intensive Outpatient Program, you may notice a section on “mindful exercise.” We’re often asked exactly what this is and what it consists of. At PCI Centers, we use mindfulness meditation as well as mindful exercise to help people to manage their feelings in…

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alcohol treatment center in westlake village

What to Expect at Detox Alcohol Treatment Center Westlake Village

There’s nothing easy about detox. It can be difficult, taking a toll on the body. However, it’s a necessary step. There’s a reason that it’s the first step in alcohol treatment: it flushes the alcohol out of the body’s system. Detox ensures that you’ll be watched over by trained, medical professionals. They’ll carefully monitor you…

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