intensive outpatient treatment in westlake village

If you go to the page on our site that covers our Intensive Outpatient Program, you may notice a section on “mindful exercise.” We’re often asked exactly what this is and what it consists of. At PCI Centers, we use mindfulness meditation as well as mindful exercise to help people to manage their feelings in a better, more controllable way. This is just one of the many tools we have to help you to empower you, and live life more on your own terms. Mindful exercise is an important part of treatment at our intensive outpatient treatment in Westlake Village

What “Mindfulness” Is 

Often, when folks come to PCI Centers, it’s because, in part, they’re struggling with their feelings. Maybe it’s feelings that they want to go away, perhaps it’s feelings that they can’t manage, or it could even be feelings that they wish they could get back. Mindfulness is an evidence-supported, way to effectively manage feelings.Not only is there a great deal of research supporting mindfulness based skills, but this is one of the oldest tools there is to manage feelings. However, it’s “old” for a reason: it works. We’ve helped so many to use mindfulness meditation and exercise to calm their feelings, so that they’re at a level that they can be properly dealt with. 

intensive outpatient treatment in westlake village

Mindfulness Meditation 

This kind of meditation has a very specific purpose: it activates the part of the brain that helps you feel “present.” In this context, “present” means that you aren’t consumed with the past, nor are you worried about the future. Instead, you are perfectly “in the moment,”without judgment,  just going with what’s right in front of you. Tune out worries, ignore concerns about the past, and just focus on what’s happening right here, right now. Neuroscience research has shown that you can regulate your emotions with these exercises. 

Mindful Exercise 

At PCI Centers, our trained professionals will help you with specific yoga, mediation groups and art therapy. With these activities, you’ll be able to bet more “in the moment” and less trapped in ruminative thinking. It’s important to note that when we say “present,” we don’t mean that you’ll be “out of it,” or anything less than fully alert. Indeed, a synonym for “present” could be “calmly alert.” 

Beyond Mindful Exercise at our Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Westlake Village 

Of course, mindfulness meditation and exercise are just some of the ways that our professionals can help you at the PCI Centers. We have many other forms of therapy, too. Individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy are included in our services as well. Every service at PCI Centers is run by trained professionals who have been doing this for a long period of time. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, message us through our site or call (747) 222-7464