alcohol treatment center in westlake village

There’s nothing easy about detox. It can be difficult, taking a toll on the body. However, it’s a necessary step. There’s a reason that it’s the first step in alcohol treatment: it flushes the alcohol out of the body’s system. Detox ensures that you’ll be watched over by trained, medical professionals. They’ll carefully monitor you or someone you care about, to ensure that their detox experience is as painless and simple as possible. We’re often asked about what folks can expect at our detox alcohol treatment center in Westlake Village

Individualized Detox 

It’s important to note that everyone’s detox is different. When you arrive at PCI Centers, you’ll be given a complete and thorough evaluation. From there, we’ll put together a treatment plan for you. While all of these treatment plans may differ, they tend to have some factors in common. Below, we’ve collected a few of those. No matter how your detox may go, you can rest assured that when you or someone you love comes to PCI Centers, they’ll get the detox as well as the alcohol treatment that they need according to standards based on the latest research. 

alcohol treatment center in westlake village

Detox Symptoms 

These are some of the symptoms that a person can go through. This doesn’t mean that everyone detoxing goes through them, but rather that many do. The most common symptoms that our trained medical professionals see are headaches, anxiety, excess sweating, nausea or even insomnia. However, sometimes we encounter more serious withdrawal symptoms. Hallucinations, seizures, tremors and worse can occur. No matter what occurs at your detox, medical professionals with years of experience will be on hand to alleviate your symptoms, helping you through the most difficult parts of the detox process. 

Detox by Time 

Often, detox starts with the smaller symptoms, the anxiety, the shaking, and irritability. Within the first couple days, that’s when the more serious symptoms tend to manifest themselves. There are some who “sail smoothly” through detox, avoiding the worst. However, sometimes in the first couple of days, or even through days three to seven, the symptoms that could otherwise threaten your life may arise. This is just part of why we so strenuously recommend that you go to a professional detox facility. That way, should the worst symptoms appear, someone will be there to handle them, to help you through them safely. 

Next Steps at our Alcohol Treatment Center in Westlake Village 

Usually by the end of a week (if not sooner) the worst of detox is over. From there, it’s often time for someone to move into a residential treatment center, or to make other plans. That’s where you can really utilize that specific, individualized treatment plan that we’ve put together. With individual therapy, group therapy, even family therapy and equine-assisted therapy, we have the therapeutic modalities to help you to discover the underlying traumas that cause the struggles with alcohol. We know how difficult this first step can be, which is why we try to make it as easy as possible. Simply message us at our site or call (747) 222-7464