alcohol treatment center in westlake village

We’ve found that many common assumptions about detox are incorrect. Often, when you see a person in detox on TV or in the movies, they’re handcuffed to a bed, thrashing around, and so forth. That’s very far from the truth. While detox can be a difficult, challenging process, it’s actually nothing like that. Here at our alcohol treatment center in Westlake Village, we have trained professionals that can help you through the detox process so that you can make a good transition into treatment. Detox is a critically important first step towards an ultimately healthy, sober, and fulfilling life. 

Detox and Alcohol Treatment Defined 

If you look up “detoxification” in the dictionary, one of the definitions is “a period of medical treatment, usually including counseling, during which a person is helped to overcome physical and psychological dependence on alcohol or drugs.” That’s exactly how our detox process works here at PCI Centers. Under the watchful eyes of our medical professionals, we make sure that harmful substances are removed from the patient’s body in a safe, stable way. That way, the patient gets the maximum healing benefit from having these substances removed while also facing the least harsh withdrawal symptoms. 

alcohol treatment center in westlake village

A Thorough Evaluation 

Before we do anything else during the detox process, we make sure that all of our patients go through a complete and total evaluation. Through this, our professionals can learn exactly what substances are in your body as well as to what extent. Utilizing this information, we can put together a plan that’s exactly right for your needs. Instead of giving you a plan that worked for someone else, we make sure that your plan is devised for you and you alone. That way, you’re getting a plan that is specific to your individual needs, helping you recover that much quicker and more completely. 

Stability Through Withdrawal 

There’s no sugarcoating the withdrawal process. It can be difficult. It can be hard. However, at PCI Centers, we can make it easier than it would be anywhere else. Drawing upon their years of experience, our medical experts can determine whether you should have your intake cut off instantly or over a period of time. There might not be a way to make withdrawal comfortable, exactly. However, we can make it more comfortable than it might be otherwise. 

After Detox at Our Alcohol Treatment Center in Westlake Village 

After detox, we don’t just send the patient back out into the streets or something. Indeed, the final stage of detox is preparing the patient for the rest of the path to recovery. We’ve found that patients are more likely to draw greater benefits from a rehabilitation program if the last stage of detox is preparing them for the future. Once you finish our detox, you’ll be ready for the next step on your road to recovery. Of course, to get on that road, you have to take the first step. To do so, you can reach out to us through our site or by calling us at (747) 222-7464