alcohol treatment in thousand oaks

“Do I really need residential treatment?” That’s a question we’re often asked by those who are going through the recovery process. We absolutely understand why folks ask us this. With our busy lives, so much to do between familial responsibilities, work, and the like, it can seem genuinely onerous to have to put everything on hold and go to a residential alcohol treatment facility. However, for many, this is absolutely the best course of action for someone’s recovery. Our alcohol treatment in Thousand Oaks has a wealth of benefits for those who want to step forward on the road to recovery. 

Individualized Attention 

When you’re out on your own, even if you’re surrounded by family, friends, and those who care greatly for you, it can be extremely difficult to fight your addiction. Here at our residential treatment center, however, you’ll find an environment where every employee is invested in your success. Instead of just talking to someone who’s working on you and your recovery occasionally, here you will find consistent one on one time between patients and therapists. We make sure to keep our therapists to patients ratio small so that each patient here can get the help and attention they need for lasting success. 

alcohol treatment in thousand oaks

The Right Facilities 

When you’re fighting addiction and struggling to live your own life, it can be difficult to truly appreciate aesthetic beauty. Studies have found that a facility that is truly serene, which is built the right way and filled with beauty, ultimately encourages long-term healing. The life of an addict is often chaotic. Here at our treatment center, you can actually take time out of your day to simply go to the beach and reflect. Freed of the constant, endless, relentless nature of everyday life, here you can connect to nature and find true, real quiet time. So many of our patients have told us that makes all the difference towards their ultimate recovery. 

A Place to Find the “Real Problem” 

In treatment, it can be extremely difficult to find what the true problem in need of treatment is. Rarely is it the case that a person is perfectly healed once they’ve “beaten their addiction.” More often than not, the “real problem” is one or even more mental health issues that are beneath the surface of an addiction. Only by treating those can a person be set on the path to lasting recovery. To find those issues usually takes a bit more than just a few therapy sessions. Thus, by being in a supportive residential treatment setting, those issues can be discovered, and ultimately, overcome. 

Arriving at Alcohol Treatment in Thousand Oaks 

At our facility, you can find a space to heal, a place to step away from your life and for once, focus on yourself and your recovery. Here, we can provide you with the kind of integrated care which can set you on the right path for good. To make that all-important first step, simply message us online or call us at (747) 222-7464