a westlake drug rehab

Building a Foundation at a Westlake Drug Rehab

For many, the next step after detoxification is to move into a residential treatment center. There, trained professionals will create an individualized treatment plan for you and you alone. Everything about this treatment plan is customized and specific to you and your needs. Additionally, the goals of this treatment plan are to not just help…

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rehabs in ventura county

Rehabs in Ventura County to Fit your Treatment and Life

If you’ve read any of our prior blogs, then you know that we provide individualized treatment plans to each of our patients. In fact, just about everything about our treatment is crafted to best fit our patients. That’s true from the moment they arrive at PCI Centers, even if beginning the detoxification process, and it…

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complex trauma treatment

Complex Trauma Treatment: A New Way Forward

When you’ve suffered some kind of terrible trauma, it’s natural to not know where to turn. That’s what our PCI Centers can help with: we can help with any number of trauma disorders and more. If you’ve developed some sort of trauma disorder, or worry that you might have, we can help. At our facility,…

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