complex trauma treatment

When you’ve suffered some kind of terrible trauma, it’s natural to not know where to turn. That’s what our PCI Centers can help with: we can help with any number of trauma disorders and more. If you’ve developed some sort of trauma disorder, or worry that you might have, we can help. At our facility, we can provide you with the kinds of compassionate, complex trauma treatment which can allow you to manage your feelings adaptively, through healthy, supportive relationships and newly developed skills.

Defining Trauma

What is “traumatic” to one person may not be to another. Someone who has been through an experience that would be deeply traumatic to someone else may emerge unscathed. Experiencing danger is part of life for many people. However, when those feelings overwhelm you, then you could become traumatized. Some folks, in fact, become so overwhelmed they actually end up having trauma disorders. That’s where we come in. We can help you to overcome your trauma disorder so that you can live on your terms.

complex trauma treatment

Signs of Trauma

Just as traumatic events differ from person to person, so too do signs of trauma. Someone that struggles to fall asleep, feels depressed, is often very confused, and has headaches may be suffering from trauma or a host of other options. Some of the signs are even contradictory: feeling like you have too much energy can be a sign of trauma, but so too can be always feeling exhausted or depressed. If you’re feeling numb, having trouble focusing on work, or a lack of appetite, you could be responding to recent trauma. Unfortunately, many people turn to drugs and alcohol during this time. If you believe that you’ve been through some kind of traumatic event and you’re responding in this manner, then we’re here to help.

Complex Trauma Treatment and More

Among our many treatments, we utilize the seven domains of wellness to help people through trauma disorders, addictions, and many other problems. “Play” is one such part, which fuses relaxation with developing social skills. This is something to cultivate no matter what age you are. It flows seamlessly into “connection,” which we define as the “free-flowing process of being close and ‘in tune’ with people.” Developing the skills necessary for optimal connection can help lead to healthier relationships. “Physical Activity” is another important part of wellness, and for more reasons than just the improvement of our physical health. It can also help with decreasing stress, regulating mood and more.

Treating Trauma at PCI Centers

Whether you come to our intensive outpatient or just outpatient facilities, we’ll be able to help you through any trauma disorder. Through psychiatry, art therapy, meditation groups, yoga, neurofeedback, even career counseling and more, we can help you to work through your trauma disorder to find the life that you’ve always wanted. We understand how difficult it can be to make that first step to reach out. You can always call us at (747) 222-7464.