Quality Sober Living

Simply staying sober might not actually be quality sober living. Certainly, living sober is better than the alternative. But, there’s more to life than just staying sober. At PCI Centers, we work with our residents on wellness. Changing previous behavior is a major portion of that, stopping the negative habits and traits that might have held the person back. However, it’s not just stopping that old behavior. It’s about replacing them with something else, something better. Through exploring and learning while surrounded by a supportive community, quality sober living enables folks to build new habits, so as to live in a healthy, sober, and fun way. 

Quality Sober Living at Our Facility: the Basics 


Living sober is one of those things that require “hands-on” learning. Sure, you can be told about habits that you should utilize to live sober. Indeed, our professional staff will lay them out and explain them in clear, concise detail. However, we’ve found that for the best, lasting success, it’s important to have a safe environment within which to explore these new habits. If you or someone you care about has been struggling with addiction for a long time, then it’s possible to forget what sober living was like. Here, you can explore it, discovering how to best use your time and abilities so that you can live how you want. 

Sober Living

Habits That Travel 

It’s very important to us that we develop a plan for sober living that fits you perfectly. Yes, it might use the same words or even share some techniques with someone else’s plan, but the plan that we devise for you will be for you and you alone. For so many of our patients, that’s lead to lasting success, as they find that the healthy living habits they develop here at PCI Centers go with them when they leave our facility. You can build a foundation for healthy living here that will go with you when you leave. The habits that we help you develop can fit into practically any lifestyle. That way, what you discover at our sober living facility will help you to live sober throughout the rest of your life. 

Once at PCI Centers, Always a Member of our Community 

We’re quite proud of the community that we’ve built here at our PCI Centers. When someone comes to our facility, it’s an incredible benefit to interact with a community of people who have gone through all of the same struggles they have, that they can learn from. Then, in turn, after that new patient is no longer new, they can interact with those who enter our facility when the return for outpatient therapy or at our Alumni nights. That said, once you’ve completed your stay at PCI Centers, it’s not like we forget about you. We make it a point to always be in touch. We can provide transportation to and from 12-step meetings and so much more. The first step towards sober living that lasts can be taken today. You can contact PCI Centers through our site or call (747) 222-7464