addiction disorder treatments

Helping an addict by treating their addiction makes sense. It’s one of those ideas that just seems logical. An addict suffers from an addiction, other than that, they seem OK, and so if a treatment center simply treated the addiction, then they’d be fine. That seems like the right idea, but it really wasn’t. In actuality, simply treating the addiction can make the addiction fade out for a moment, only to return later on. That’s because the addiction doesn’t come from nowhere, nor does it somehow cause itself. Addictions are caused by underlying, unresolved traumas, a lack of healthy relationships, and many other factors that come from a bio-psycho-social matrix. Our addiction disorder treatments focus on those so that you can lead the life that you want.

Treatments and Relationships

“Health” and “well-being” are words that may mean different things to different people. In psychology, however, those two words share a similar foundation: healthy relationships. When you’re dealing with addiction, it’s extremely difficult (if not outright impossible) to have healthy relationships in your life. Indeed, addiction is often caused, in part, by a lack of healthy relationships, or a way to build and sustain these relationships. So, at PCI, to explain our philosophy in a nutshell, it’s: building the healthiest relationships possible. Obviously, that’s a simplification, and quite a bit goes into that, but that’s the foundation beneath our treatment. By utilizing proven scientific principles in treatment, we’re able to help folks to find wellness and healthy relationships, thus helping them with addiction treatment and so many other facets of their lives.

addiction disorder treatments

Wellness-Oriented Addiction Disorder Treatments

“Wellness” is one of those words that’s often misused. For many, the idea of “wellness” is passive: it’s a state. A person who experiences “wellness” feels good. That’s not how we view “wellness” at PCI. Instead, we go by U.C. Davis’s definition: “Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.” The keyword here is “active.” Wellness isn’t something that just happens. It’s a process, one that has to be followed and taken part in, to lead to that “healthy and fulfilling life.” That’s where we come in. We can help you to get that healthy and fulfilling life through a process of growing and changing.

Sobriety Isn’t the End Goal, but Part of the Journey

Wellness, and the path to a healthy and fulfilling life doesn’t end with sobriety. That’s just one thing that it accomplished along the way. A lifestyle of wellness is a healthy one, where you’re doing so much more than just abstaining from that which you were addicted to. A lifestyle of wellness means that you can maintain your physical health, live mindfully, with honesty and integrity, while participating in and enjoying healthy, adult interdependent relationships. The life that you want to live is possible. We can help you to start on the path to greater wellness. You can start today by calling us at (747) 222-7464.