westlake drug rehab

Some Things to Keep in Mind Before you Go to a Westlake Drug Rehab

If you’ve been doing online research into drug rehabs for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that almost all of them discuss what’s going to happen once you’re there. They might discuss all of the facilities, the resumes of the professionals, how they’ll help you to deal with the underlying issues which are causing…

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alcohol treatment center in westlake village

Wellness Domains at Our Alcohol Treatment Center in Westlake Village

“So, what is wellness, really?” That’s a question we’re often asked at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Westlake Village. The U.C. Davis quote we have on our site explains: “wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free…

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intensive outpatient treatment in westlake village

Benefits of Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Westlake Village

We’ve often been asked by prospective patients: “what are the benefits of intensive outpatient treatment?” The truth is that this kind of treatment can fit into a person’s life perhaps better than other treatments might. If you aren’t sure which treatment is right for you, you can contact our professionals and they’ll go over your…

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Quality Sober Living

Quality Sober Living: Getting Sober and Enjoying Life

Simply staying sober might not actually be quality sober living. Certainly, living sober is better than the alternative. But, there’s more to life than just staying sober. At PCI Centers, we work with our residents on wellness. Changing previous behavior is a major portion of that, stopping the negative habits and traits that might have…

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