addiction disorder treatments

“Addict” can have many definitions. What may be addict-like behavior to one person is perfectly sensible, responsible use to someone else. There are people all over the world who consume alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, and other mind-altering substances, even ones like caffeine. Determining that line between “regular use” and “problematic use” isn’t always easy. From there, it can be even more difficult to differentiate between “problematic use” and “addiction.” Here at the PCI Centers, we offer many different addiction disorder treatments that can assist those who’ve gone from “problematic” to “addicted.” There are some signs to look for that show when a person has reached such a stage, and they are important to keep in mind. 

An Inability to Maintain Control

Impaired control is one of the clearer signs that someone is suffering from addiction. A powerful, often overwhelming urge to use the substance, a craving that won’t go away, is a clear sign of an addiction. You might say: “well, that could mean a lot of different things.” However, this impaired control should be matched by multiple failed attempts to stop using the substance. If someone has the desire to quit but hasn’t been able to, then they very well might be suffering from addiction.

addiction disorder treatments

Risk and Consequences 

Another sign to look for is the use of the substance in question taking place in increasingly riskier circumstances. In this context, “risky” could be defined as “somewhere where the person might be caught using the substance, or in a location where the use of the substance is likely to cause adverse circumstances for the user.” Clear examples of this would be using an illegal drug in a public, visible place, or perhaps drinking heavily while on the job. Again, as with all of these signs, if a person does this once or even occasionally, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re an addict. However, it makes sense to look at things in aggregate and not in isolation. Over time, if this behavior continues, the person could potentially be struggling with a serious addiction problem. 

Social Problems and a Growing Tolerance

Those are some of the other more obvious signs of an addiction. Abusing a substance can cause serious problems for a person in their social and work life. If use is straining or even ruining a relationship, or making it impossible for a person to do their job, those are clear signs that a person could be suffering from addiction. On top of that, the more a person uses a substance, the more likely they are to have a stronger tolerance. That means that they have to use the substance more and more, thus perpetuating a nocive cycle. 

One Place for Addiction Disorder Treatments 

At PCI Centers, we can help you or someone you care about to treat the underlying issues and eventually overcome the addiction. If you believe that you or someone else is suffering from addiction but aren’t one hundred percent sure, you can send us a message. You can contact us through our site or call us at (747) 222-7464