Science Advocacy


Advocacy is a core component of the PCI mission.

Our main goal is helping people learn what the research shows, because it can be used to help people heal from addiction and mental illness. We don’t care about what is “trendy” or flashy, because some trends in treatment are not well thought out. Also, most new trends are supported by minimal scientific evidence.

Therefore, we have developed two approaches to help anyone, and everyone, learn about the science of health and wellness.

Professional Presentations

As an institute, because discussing research is important, we lead training activities to help the public, and therapists learn.


So, one way we advocate for mental health is by talking about the most up-to-date research on addiction or mental health issues at presentations. Throughout the year you will find our staff at conferences and local meetings. We love to meet other therapists, and help them expand their minds or change opinions. We also like to challenge misinformation, and help people heal.


Here’s a sample of our recent talks and presentations:

2018 Western States Opioid Summit

“Interpersonal Neurobiology: The Science Connecting Addiction and Trauma”



2018: Science & Wellness Event-Westlake Village, CA

“Addiction in Midlife: Why Otherwise Healthy Professionals Abuse Drugs”

Science Advocacy Science Advocacy

2018: Science & Wellness Event- Westlake Village, CA

“Interpersonal Neurobiology: The Science Connecting Addiction and Trama”
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2018: Innovations in Recovery Conference – San Diego, CA

“Interpersonal Neurobiology: The Science Connecting Addiction and Trauma”

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2017: Quarterly Science & Wellness Event, Westlake Village, CA

“Understanding the Opioid Epidemic”
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Social Media


Another way we advocate for people struggling with addiction, and mental health issues, is through spreading research using social media. Because social media is easy for anyone to access, it’s very popular

As a result, PCI runs a Facebook and Twitter account just for the purpose of sharing the most up-to-date research. We post daily on social media about important topics.  Click below to see the science we share.