holistic addiction treatment

What is holistic addiction treatment and how it works

Holistic addiction treatment is a more individualized and innovative approach to addiction treatment, in comparison to traditional treatment methods. Holistic treatment takes on a “whole-person” approach to rehab and healing, which means that all aspects of a person’s health are considered, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

PCI Centers understands that everyone has unique life experiences, emotions, and perceptions, and thus utilizing the same addiction treatments with each individual and expecting similar effectiveness is unrealistic. While one patient might prefer group therapy and will react well in that setting, another patient that does not enjoy group therapy might find art therapy to be greatly effective. Without considering holistic treatment methods, however, a patient’s preferred and most effective treatment options could go unrealized. Among many other outpatient services, PCI Centers offers patients the opportunity to consider neurofeedback, yoga, meditation, and art therapy as addiction treatment options.

Who is holistic addiction treatment best suited for?

Holistic addiction treatment can be beneficial to people who have struggled with addiction for a long time, as well as those who have tried numerous traditional addiction treatment methods without success. Holistic treatment can be defined as the focus on both the mind and body in an effort to achieve total healing.

Some notable holistic addiction treatment methods include: art therapy, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, reiki, nutritional therapy, and herbal/alternative medicines. Along with the consideration of these holistic treatment methods, individuals should also think about which settings are best suited for their comfort and success. With this important aspect of addiction treatment in mind, PCI Centers offers individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy options.

Finding help from the right people is key

Every one of us is different in our experiences and preferences, and PCI Centers is committed to helping each patient in finding the addiction treatment methods that will be most successful for their own unique journey. If you are considering holistic addiction treatment for yourself or for a loved one, be sure to thoroughly research options first, and ask plenty of questions so you know what to expect.