inpatient vs outpatient rehab

Understanding differences between inpatient vs outpatient rehab programs

What is the difference between inpatient vs outpatient rehab programs? Generally, inpatient rehab is for those who need around-the-clock monitoring and often require more intensive care, while outpatient rehab is used for those who can continue to live at home while receiving treatment. Inpatient and outpatient therapy have different potential benefits, so the decision to…

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holistic addiction treatment

Holistic Addiction Treatment Approach is a key to success for PCI Centers

What is holistic addiction treatment and how it works Holistic addiction treatment is a more individualized and innovative approach to addiction treatment, in comparison to traditional treatment methods. Holistic treatment takes on a “whole-person” approach to rehab and healing, which means that all aspects of a person’s health are considered, including physical, mental, emotional, and…

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