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Family Education Night

Fill out the form below to register for our free Family Education Night, where you can join a live Zoom meeting and ask our clinical and medical directors, Dr. Miriam Hamideh and Dr. Joshua Diamond, questions about mental health and substance abuse treatment. The biweekly meeting also serves as a support forum for family members to share their experiences and receive feedback from Dr. Hamideh and Dr. Diamond.
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Leading Provider of Mental Health & Addiction Treatment & Research

The Psychological Care Institute promotes holistic mental health and addiction treatment and overall wellness by integrating contemporary theory, sound clinical practice, and ongoing research.

We provide an environment of safety and comfort for both individuals and families to improve their emotional well being, overcome addiction, build satisfying relationships, and lead more healthy and productive lives.

Leading the way with innovative modalities since 2005, PCI has developed proven strategies. Our experienced team of clinical psychologists, marriage and family therapists, medical director, PCI is fully equipped to handle your most complex challenges.

As an institute, PCI continues to be at the forefront in education, advocacy, and research.

Mental Health and Addiction Programs using a Patient Centric Approach

PCI has developed treatments that genuinely help you during your most difficult times. PCI Centers understands that every patient is unique and requires different modalities to live a healthier life. Our patient-centric approach provides Psychological and Medical treatment for addiction and mental health conditions providing the best possible outcome. These services include intensive Outpatient Treatment(IOP) and multiple Outpatient Treatment Modalities(OP).

Individualized Treatment

At PCI, We believe in centering all dimensions of care around the individual needs, as carefully developing the personalized goals of each patient is our top priority to enjoy the fruits of a life in recovery and wellness.


PCI’s Trusted Network

Following addiction treatment, the first step on the road to recovery will be detox treatment. The process entails removing the addictive substances from the patient’s body, stabilizing their system, and dealing with the more difficult effects of drug and alcohol withdrawal.
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We can help you overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.


Behind every success is an incredible team

To better help you understand the vision behind the founding of PCI, I would like to share a little about my personal journey, specifically my education and previous clinical work.

I have been working as a psychologist since 1990. My journey started in Brazil, and I then moved to Argentina to obtain my PhD in Psychology. In 1995, I moved to the United States; upon arrival, I worked for the Ventura and Santa Barbara County Mental Health Division. In 2001, I became a licensed psychologist in the great state of California.

Dr Miriam Hamideh

Clinical & Executive Director

President of the Los Angeles

County Psychological Association

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