inpatient drug rehab in ventura county

Dealing with substance abuse is never an easy thing for the individual or for the family and loved ones they are involved with. It takes time for the patients to realize they need help to overcome their addictions. Family that work together to get the addict the help they need usually begin at a rehab or treatment center for inpatient treatment. It is important that you know some facts about how treatment works at an inpatient drug rehab in Ventura County so that you know what to do, and then what direction your life will need to take if you want to start a new life and leave the addiction behind.

Detox and Rehab as an Inpatient Client

Most often, a detox period is required as part of inpatient treatment, so you want to make sure whatever facility you choose for yourself, or your loved one, has experienced professional medical staff on hand to help through this difficult time. The physical and psychological effects of detox affect individuals differently, so you want to know that the staff knows just how to help you or your loved one appropriately so that they are safe and come through detox successfully.

Getting Help After Inpatient Treatment

Treatment does not end after going to an inpatient drug rehab in Ventura County. In order to achieve a successful recovery and move on in life, you will need quality outpatient treatment as well. You want to make sure you enlist with a treatment program that has a flexible schedule to meet your needs and offers the therapeutic structure (i.e. , intensity of individual sessions, number of groups, mix of modalities) that you require to help you learn strategies and understand how to keep moving forward with your recovery efforts.

The Program after Your Drug Rehab

If you have completed an inpatient drug rehab in Ventura County and are looking for an outpatient support and treatment program to enroll in, look at what we offer here at PCI Centers. We offer intensive outpatient programs that you can benefit the most from. To learn more about us, please read the pages here on our website, or give us a call at (747) 222-7464 to ask questions or arrange an appointment for a consultation and evaluation. This is the first step to get rid of your addiction and turn your life around to become a free person.