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PCI stands for Psychological Care Institute. Part of what institutes “do” is train clinicians and conduct research.

Helping people heal is difficult. Knowing what is actually effective is often confusing.   Many therapists are misinformed about what the research actually says. Therefore, many people get less than quality treatment. We want to help fix those problems.

PCI provides the most comprehensive and intensive training seminars. We help both therapists in our community, and our own Post-Docs, learn effective treatment methods. For example, good treatment starts with a comprehensive assessment, because we need to understand who you are in-depth. We teach therapists to gather information like: developmental history, present stressors, family dynamics, medical needs, emotional challenges, and any history of drug use, alcohol use, or other potentially addictive experiences.

reasons why pci
Here are 3 reasons why PCI is unique:
  • Our clinical staff is composed of mostly doctorate level professionals. We are current with the research on addiction, mental health issues, and family-systems problems.
  • We are actively engaged in research using “in-house” data to prove just how effective, and cost saving, our model of treatment is for our clients. The staff want to see how they are learning to manage their affective states. PCI shares data and outcomes on a regular basis, because we believe in transparency.
  • Every member of the PCI learns and grows, no matter how much we already know. We are all accountable to each other for our personal health and mental well-being. Because we are the “tools” of our trade, we have to keep learning and growing, to be the sharpest tools in the toolbox.

We strive for the highest standard of care, because patients deserve the best. Therefore, fluidly integrating the science of psychology, and wellness, with the art of clinical practice.

Feel free to contact us, and learn about our next training event.

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