Nazanin Karandish

I had a very pleasant experience at PCI. The staff are all highly professional and very caring toward clients. The director of the clinic pays individual attentions to each client and tailors treatment to individual needs. The office space is always neat and very welcoming filled with positive energy. I highly recommend PCI to anyone…

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Charlene S.

These dedicated professionals provide evidence-based treatment along with a passion and commitment to helping and serving others.

John G.

I always look back to [Dr. Miriam’s] manner and skill as a model of empathic attunement to be emulated.

Rob F.

As a psychiatrist in the community, PCI Westlake centers is my go-to treatment program referral source for individuals with mental health and/or substance use conditions. I can always rely on this program to take great care of my patients. When they return to see me, I am always impressed with the exceptional treatment they have…

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