Here at PCI we help all clients and their families understand their particular history of misattunements that may have contributed to, but not caused, the client’s addiction and mental health issues. Neurobiological, family dynamics and social issues all contribute to our addiction and mental health disorders. We help families understand the complex mixture of issues resulting in their loved one’s suffering.

Family Education

Families need, and deserve, to better understand the complex challenges their loved-one is facing. Moreover, educating the family on how to attune, how to set boundaries, and how to relate mindfully results in improved outcomes. We at PCI provide regular family therapy sessions in order to educate and help the family function in a more cohesive and attuned manner. Also, the staff at PCI host a recurring family support and education night on Tuesdays at 7pm at our Westlake Village location. Feel free to contact us to sign up for our family support and education nights.