Executive and Clinical Director

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 17320

Miriam Hamideh, Ph.D.

Dr. Miriam Hamideh is a licensed clinical psychologist. She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, a master-level certificate in Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice, and a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Having practiced psychology for over 20 years in diverse clinical settings, she has extensive experience with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, psychosomatic illness, relationship problems, dual-diagnoses, and substance abuse. Her psychodynamic therapeutic approach helps patients to understand how their thoughts and actions affect the way they feel. However, Dr. Hamideh also integrates developmental psychology, and includes cognitive-behavioral techniques, which help the learning of new skills to deal with immediate stressors and work toward deeper personal growth.

In addition, Dr. Hamideh has extensive experience with cultural diversity and acculturation problems. She speaks Portuguese and Spanish fluently among other languages, and has worked extensively with people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Moreover, She taught graduate level university courses and still trains other professionals to become more culturally competent. Dr. Miriam Hamideh became a faculty member of the Psychology Graduate Program at California Lutheran University in 2002, where she taught for six years. She is currently a member of the Graduate Psychology Advisory Council for CLU.

Moreover, she was invited to assist with the creation of the Cultural Diversity committee of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA) in 2005. Dr. Hamideh served as Board member, chairing and co-chairing the Diversity committee for 7 years until 2017. Finally, she is a member of both the California Psychological Association, and the American Psychological Association.