PCI has helped me so much! I have struggled with severe anxiety and major depression since my 20’s and have never felt in control. For years I’ve tried therapies, self medicating, and gone through a massive amount of medications from my doctors, yo-yoing so much that I felt like a guinea pig. I was just going through the motions of being a mom/wife while suffering greatly on the inside. I started attending PCI because they had outpatient support and help that I needed to fit my busy mom schedule, Maha and Layla got me in quickly and therapy began immediately.

The therapy consisted of a mix of personal one-on-one and group therapy sessions which focused on mental health, substance use, and meditation. I discovered so much about myself, unpacked underlying reasons for my feelings and even discovered a completely new and more concise diagnosis. I’ve learned to be more gracious with myself and have a much better understanding of my mental health. The quality of care I received from the staff here is unmatched. PCI’s compassionate doctors and mentors made me feel fully supported and understood while teaching me the skills I needed to give myself good mental health.