common signs of mental illness

9 Common Signs of Mental Illness

The topic of mental illness has become widespread in our current culture. The stigma of being thought of as crazy or abnormal for struggling with issues pertaining to mental wellness has diminished, and society is much more open when it comes to discussing what prevents us from achieving a life that is successful, peaceful, and…

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alcohol addiction treatment

The Benefits of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

History is full of stories about people who imbibe too much. These figures are sometimes depicted as partying all the time – such as with the Greek deity Bacchus – and are sometimes depicted as destitute and homeless. The reality is that many people who struggle with alcohol addiction fall somewhere in between these two…

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join family night

Join Family Night – An Online Discussion Every Tuesday

As a part of ongoing efforts to support our community amid the outbreak of COVID-19, PCI is offering an open and interactive virtual discussion with Dr. Miriam Hamideh and Dr. Joshua Diamond to patients, friends, and family to provide helpful information and respond to any concerns. We will be discussing what measures PCI is taking…

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