Clinical Hypnotherapist

Kim Baccigaluppi

Kim Baccigaluppi, a Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing for over 25 years, specializes in the field of addiction recovery, relapse prevention, codependency, and trauma with a specific focus on cultivating sustainable emotional self-reliance. Early on in her practice, Kim was led to one basic conclusion about the people who walked through her door for help. A thread connected them all in a remarkably ordinary way. Anxieties, fears, phobias, addictions, or depression . . . they all wanted to simply “feel better.” Kim’s enthusiastic quest toward teaching emotional autonomy and equanimity anchored her career, birthing the discovery of her Cognitive Self-Questioning Practice, (CSQ); six self-dialoguing questions, serve as the vehicle for building a relationship with self, based on emotional availability.

Kim’s (9-month), high school program, ‘Teens for InnerPeace’ was integrated as an outreach program to the inner city’s at-risk students at the Los Angeles Unified School District Continuation Program. Geared toward building self-respect, developing effective communication skills, and violence-free relationships; the program was hugely successful. Students assimilated positive coping mechanisms, learned to manage negative emotions, and learned anger management skills.

Her passion for educating led Kim to host and produce 11 shows on Time Warner Communications Cable Television covering topics such as Negative Self-Beliefs, Domestic Violence, Hypnosis, Pedophilia, Family Intervention, and Generational Addiction.

At her core, Kim is a teacher, devoted mother, and grandmother.