PCI is a true dual diagnosis center that utilizes individual, group and family therapies in a targeted & unique treatment plan for each client. Additionally, they offer a bi-monthly family support/education meeting led by a medical doctor (Dr. Diamond) and a psychologist (Dr. Miriam). These group meetings were invaluable as they not only provided educational resources to family members but also opportunities to share experiences with other families in a confidential, supportive and safe space. Our loved one came to PCI’s IOP as a step down program after hospitalization and residential treatment. Dr. Miriam, Efren(therapist) Dr. Wendy(vocational counselor) & the rest of the IOP care team helped our loved one reclaim his life one step at a time. He felt seen, heard, validated and respected at all times. Once our loved one graduated from the IOP, he was able to continue seeing Efren and Dr. Wendy weekly on an outpatient basis, as well as continue participating in family therapy sessions as needed. This continuity of care helped him successfully manage the transition back to college as a sober, full-time student. PCI not only helped our loved one heal, but also our entire family. In our ongoing family therapy sessions, Dr. Miriam provided the support and guidance we needed to have open, honest and raw conversations. She helped us identify and change many of the unhealthy patterns/habits that had kept us all stuck for so long, and over time, our entire family dynamic shifted in so many positive, beautiful ways. We are beyond grateful to be a part of the PCI family.