Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Relationship-Driven Treatment

Since the birth of psychology, research has always shown that healthy relationships are the foundation of health and wellbeing. All staff at PCI are focused on developing the healthiest relationship with every client we have the honor of assisting on their path to healing, recovery, and personal growth.

According to the research of Jak Panksepp and others, all of us have a fundamental need to play. Play is part of how we relax, learn useful social skills, and “let off steam” at every age.
Connection is the foundation of all relationships: friends, romantic partners, colleagues, coworkers, family members, and more. We need connection to survive and thrive. Connecting is a free flowing process of being close and in tune with people, similar to a dance. We need optimal connection to have healthy relationships. As Darwin said:
“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”
Physical Activity
Humans, like all other animals, were not designed to be sedentary creatures. We have an inherent need to be up, active, and moving on a continuous basis. Having a regular exercise routine or regular engagement in sports has been shown to be effective in helping regulate mood and decrease stress.
Rest and sleep seem similar, but the two concepts serve very different purposes. We need rest in the form of taking a break to go for a walk, listen to some music, maybe a quick nap, etc to let our brain unwind and get re-focused.
The last 40 years of research out of medical settings and university settings has been confirming what Eastern philosophy practitioners (i.e., Buddhists) have known for years: we need to be mindful in order to live a life “unfettered.”
Sleep is a very important component in our physical and mental wellness routine. Sleep serves a variety of purposes for regulating our mood, managing our metabolism, developing memories, and so many other vital body-mind “recharging” needs.
We are productive creatures. Part of having a “purpose” in one’s life is doing something productive in terms of having a job, building a career, volunteering, reading or learning about a topic you’re fascinated by, etc. Part of optimal brain and relationship functioning is having a designated period of time to focus on activities that are fulfilling your purpose.
What is Wellness?

According to U.C. Davis, wellness is “Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth.”
But why is wellness important? The truth of the matter is…many people enter into treatment for addiction or mental health issues thinking “I just need to stop using drugs” or “I just need to be less depressed.” The problem is, if you scan through the research on mental health and addiction treatment outcomes, most people quickly relapse if they simply stop a problem behavior or gain short-term symptom relief. But why? The roots of our addiction and mental health issues are not some easy to identify thing like “My mom yelled at me as a kid so I’m depressed.”

The PCI approach is wellness-oriented. The entire team, from the support staff to the clinical staff, is focused on the highest possible standard of care. From the moment you call to schedule an evaluation until the time you finish your healing journey with us, you will interact with some of the most mindful, genuine, and focused people you will ever meet who are all attuned to your recovery and personal growth needs. Because our treatment philosophy is relationship-driven we believe that every interaction with a client or their family member is important. Through mindful, boundaried, and compassionate relationships we at PCI believe we can help you and your loved one grow and recover–never rushing to “get someone sober” because sobriety is not the end goal. Our end goal at PCI is a lifestyle of wellness. Wellness means a balanced mind-body relationship that goes beyond abstinence, beyond maintaining a job or other socially derived standards. Wellness, in the context of your unique life circumstances, includes healthily interdependent relationships, physical health maintenance, spiritual understanding, mindful living, honesty, integrity, and so many more important facets that make up our character or personhood. We at PCI strive to help our clients develop a way of living that fundamentally alters the way they see and participate in the world.