Research & Education Coordinator

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 29866

Patrick Lockwood Psy.D.

Dr. Patrick Lockwood grew up in a small Southern Missouri town, and eventually moved to Southern California to finish his doctorate of clinical psychology. Growing up in a community where addiction, economic struggles, and prejudice were common Dr. Lockwood feels a strong sense of empathy for how stuck, powerless, or unaccepted a person can feel. Since moving to Los Angeles, however, Dr. Lockwood has integrated his southern cultural experiences with his newer “big city” culture , and appreciates how culturally diverse, and just generally complex, relationships can be.

Dr. Lockwood is a published author, with his first book “The Fear Problem” discussing the neuroscience of our “fear” system. Fear instincts are being hijacked by political culture and technology…causing more arguments, fights, and social unrest. Dr. Lockwood has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, exploring neuroscience technology as it applies to the understanding and treatment of trauma disorders.   He is grateful to play a part in helping the staff at PCI Westlake Centers create programs that are driven by both science (i.e., research) and wellness.