Psychology Trainee and Research

Angela Guy, M.S.

Angela is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology with an emphasis on health psychology at Alliant International University. She holds Masters degrees in Behavioral and Clinical Psychology. She has had clinical experiences in varieties of treatment settings, amongst demographically and diagnostically diverse populations across the lifespan, providing evidence-based interventions and assessments, including inpatient and outpatient substance use treatment centers, private practice, academic medical centers, and within the Veterans Administration. Angela employs a flexible treatment approach, pulling from Cognitive- Behavioral, third-wave, and relational/interpersonal theoretical orientations to foster insight, adaptive coping, and healing.

Angela was drawn to the PCI team due to the value placed on comprehensive, holistic, wellness-based care approaches and the team’s dedication and compassion for the patients that PCI serves. She hopes to continue pursuing her interests at the intersection of neuropsychological assessment and substance use treatment. She strives to cultivate greater clinical insight into the neuropsychological sequelae of substance use and deepen her provision of optimal care.