Advocacy is a core component of the PCI mission. In order to help the most clients and others suffering from addiction and mental health issues PCI has developed a unique advocacy approach. Our goal is to educate anyone and everyone about the science of health and wellness using the most updated research. To accomplish this we have two primary strategies: professional presentation and social media education.

Professional Presentations

PCI stands for Psychological Care Institute. One way in which we advance our advocacy mission, to help disseminate the most up-to-date science and research on addiction and mental health issues, is through professional presentations. Throughout the year you invariably find our staff at a conference presenting or giving talks locally. Here’s a sample of our recent presentations:

2018: Innovations in Recovery Conference – San Diego, CA
“Interpersonal Neurobiology: The Science Connecting Addiction and Trauma”

2017: Quarterly Science & Wellness Event, Westlake Village, CA
“Understanding the Opioid Epidemic”

Social Media

Another way in which we advocate for the best possible outcome for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues is through spreading science using the world’s most popular platforms. PCI maintains a Facebook and Twitter account solely for the purposes of sharing the most up-to-date science of how the brain works, what research shows is effective for treatment, new innovations in the clinical psychology literature, and much much more. From experience we have learned that an misinformed public and uniformed professionals means people do not receive the care they deserve.

Please preview our online research dissemination platforms on: